Be prepared with our moving checklist! Stay on top of things as you make sure you are getting everything done as you prepare to move. We have compiled the ultimate checklist so that you don’t have to worry about forgetting anything. We understand that you have a lot to do, and so we have organized everything you need to remember months ahead of time all the way up to moving day. We offer a free printable moving checklist to keep with you through the entire process. We got you! Download Moving ChecklistFree Moving Checklist

Stay on top of your move starting months ahead! Purge all your belongings, getting rid of as much as you are able so that you are only moving what you want to keep. Don’t forget to budget your move and plan for any unexpected expenses. If you need to rent a storage unit for a time, be sure to check out our Storage Finder! We have facilities all over Washington State and offer a Free Move-in Truck so that you can save money when you are moving. You will want to also remember to transfer your services, forward your address, notify your bank, and more! Don’t worry, we have got you covered. All this and more are featured in our Moving Checklist.

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