If you are looking for how to pack for storage, we have the best tips for you to organize your things so they are easily accessible and well secured. Making sure you have a good plan will make the process easier and quicker, so that you can have a stress-free packing and storing experience. We have created the ultimate guide to packing so that you can be ready to go when it’s time to move your stuff out.

How to pack for storage


Make a list of everything you are packing in self-storage so that you know exactly what you have. This makes it easy to recall what you have in your storage unit as well as prepare you for any natural disasters that would require you to make an insurance claim. Write down the estimated value of each item that you would desire to receive compensation for in the event of a claim.



You will want to pack your items for easy accessibility. Grouping similar items together will help you find your things later, as well as make labeling easy. The better organized your items are in piles will make the packing process go by faster.



Once you have organized everything and have a good idea of how much you have, you can purchase discounted boxes and supplies at any one of our storage locations. Use our storage finder to locate a store near you. Use large boxes for extremely light items such as stuffed animals, medium boxes for average items, and small boxes for heavy items. Be sure to estimate how much bubble wrap you will need and don’t forget the tape!



Make sure there is no empty space in your boxes so that items don’t shift. You want all of your belongings tightly secure. Use the bubble wrap if you have to fill empty space and make sure your breakables are completely padded. You can put small loose items inside smaller clear containers found at the dollar store to keep the boxes organized.



Rather than layering the cardboard flaps to close, use packing tape instead. The weight of the items during the move will cause stress on the cardboard if it isn’t secured properly. Without tape, you run the risk of all the items falling out the bottom and not stacking properly in your storage unit. Secure the center, bottom and all sides with tape and double tape if needed.



You will need some heavy markers, as pen is not thick enough to properly label the boxes. If you will be moving your things back into a house eventually, label them by room (kitchen, dining room, Jakes Room, etc). Otherwise, you can label them by the main items enclosed (Pictures, Antiques, etc) Make sure you label all sides of the boxes, so that you can read them regardless of the way they get stacked and stored away.



Keep mattresses and furniture clean by covering them with plastic, blankets, or sheets. This will also help protect your furniture from getting scratched and damaged during the move. Then when you go to retrieve your items, they won’t have accumulated dust.



Defrost your fridge and freezers completely to avoid unexpected melting, potentially causing water damage to your other belongings. Drain your washer and dishwasher of all liquids and wipe all appliances down thoroughly to keep the rest of your items dry and free from mildew. Keep your refrigerator and freezer doors slightly ajar when storing to keep them aired out.



Empty any gas cans, as well as gas being held in your lawn mower and other machinery. Gasoline is hazardous as it can catch on fire, and you never want to store it inside a storage unit. Make sure that you are not storing anything that could catch fire from extreme flammability so that your items stay safe and secure.

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