If you are renting self-storage soon, you will need to know how to pack a storage unit so that you maximize the space and keep your most used belongings where you can find them. Organizing a storage space takes a little bit of pre-planning, but will pay off every time you visit your belongings. First, if you are looking for storage then please check out our storage finder to find affordable rates on units near you. You can also check out our storage size calculator to figure out what size storage unit you will be needing to rent. If you want just enough space for your items, then rent a unit based on the recommended square footage. If you want to leave room for a walkway between items, then get a little larger unit than suggested.

How to Pack a Storage Unit

How to Pack A Storage Unit



If you used our Packing Guide to properly pack and label your stuff, then you should be good to go! If you have already packed your items, make sure that they are packed tightly so that they won’t shift during the move. Double check that all your boxes are securely taped and that your furniture is covered in plastic or blankets for protection. Your appliances are defrosted and drained. Your flammable materials and gasoline have been discarded, as they are unsafe to store.


Just like you would design a living room space, you want to pre-plan your storage space. Before you pack a storage unit, you want to make sure to pick the right size and then imagine where you want your items for accessibility. If you won’t need access to the furniture but will need access to a few boxes, then plan on placing the furniture in first, and the boxes you need last so that they are near the front. You can imagine a walkway ahead of time, and use painters tape to keep yourself from filling up space you will want to access later. You may also want to consider shelving to organize the space! Many of our storage facilities offer Free Shelving Set-up.


Sturdy and heavy items should be placed in the storage unit first, so that lighter and more delicate items can be placed on top of them. Place your furniture on its side so that you are stacking up and not out. Most of our storage spaces have extra tall ceilings so that you can utilize the space to stack up. You can also use the furniture you already have to build shelving and place boxes in dresser drawers as well. If you think of how you can utilize your furniture to stack and store your boxes ahead of time, then it can save you space later. You can keep books in your dryer, or art supplies in your dresser. Totally your call!


You don’t want there to be any bad smells or mold development when you return to your things. Be sure to crack your refrigerators, freezers, and washers so that they stay dry and aired out. Make sure nothing is put in storage damp, as it will mildew later. Take special care to lift items by bending your knees and not your back. Stack items very carefully, and don’t try to balance anything. Make sure that everything is extremely secure so you can feel confident that nothing will topple over later.

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