We have compiled the most awesome list of things to do during COVID 19 so you can get out of that funk and back into loving life again! The world has changed for a time and it may feel difficult to connect with people and have fun things to do, but when it feels like you are limited, you got to work with what you got. So, whatever your priorities or interests are, here are some ideas to start turning the cranks so you can come up with enough activities to get you back in the swing of things!

50 Things to Do during Covid

  1. Drive up a Mountain. Sometimes we see clearer when we are on top! Catch a cool view, take some pictures. Meditate/Pray on top of the world and get in touch with nature.
  2. Go to the lake! Kayak, swim, get a tan. Travel to a lake out of town or go somewhere you haven’t been before.
  3. Plant a garden or do some landscaping. If you have an outdoor space, why not fix it up? Build a fire pit, dig a pond, plant some trees, you do you. Get space in a community garden if you don’t have your own.
  4. Craft/Hobby. There are crafts and hobbies out there for everyone. Check out Pinterest for inspiration.
  5. Create a business plan. Now is a great time to come up with new ideas! As the world is changing, so is the way people shop and need services. Dream it and then make a plan and set some goals into action.
  6. Play Board Games!  Video games are fun, but connecting with someone in the real world with a physical game board is just different. It gets you out of your head and helps you to connect, not disconnect.
  7. Do Stuff for Other People. Sometimes life gets ya down because it feels so much more purposeful when we are helping others. Right now people are in need of food, formula, and other basic needs. You can make a meal for someone, donate to a single mom, or write a lonely senior. Perhaps there is another need in your community you can help fill.
  8. Go Hiking or Longboarding! Getting outside is so good for you not only physically, but mentally as well! Don’t let the TV suck you in, get out and explore a waterfall, discover a hidden riverbend, or learn how to skate.
  9. Go Camping! Even if some campgrounds have not re-opened, you can rent a space on someones property on hipcamp.com 
  10. Set up a drive-in movie theater in your backyard! All you need is a white sheet or white tarp and projector. Make some popcorn, get blankets, and make it a Friday night tradition.
  11. Travel to the country. Maybe traveling long distances are discouraged right now, but a nice airbnb log cabin in the woods with a mountain view sounds quite inviting.
  12. Go Photo Hunting! Get up early to catch the best sunrise pictures and don’t forget to get down to the water to get those sunset pics! Catch creative new angles and blow up the pics to print on canvas or offer to sell them as postcards.
  13. Have a fire on the beach. Check for regulations in your area, but having a BBQ or smores down on the beach is a summer tradition.
  14. Learn Something New! Learn a new language, or how to bake. Learn how to craft or learn about physics and natural sciences. Never stop learning.
  15. Make a gift for someone. Paint a picture, make a bracelet, bake a pie, or do what you do best in a way that benefits someone else.
  16. Organize your life. Make a monthly cleaning and shopping list. Use a calendar to manage your time and make daily to do lists. Keep a schedule, even if you aren’t working to keep you motivated.
  17. Take an online class. Whether it’s for college or personal growth, there is a class for everything online these days it seems.
  18. Leave gifts for the neighborhood. You can create little gift baskets or “treat bags” with a kind note on the doorsteps of neighbors anonymously to brighten their day.
  19. De-clutter your space! Pick a room (or area) each day to purge stuff you don’t need. You probably need less than you think. You can also do this with your phone, purse, car, and computer files.
  20. Write 300 words a day. It’s not much, it’s not much at all. But if you commit to it, you will eventually have a book. Maybe it will be your life story, or perhaps you will write the next best fiction novel. Either way, if you enjoy writing then you owe it to yourself to do that.
  21. Fix up your house/apartment. Make a list of maintenance items and write down all the things you would like to change in each room. Start making your space more functional and inviting for you and your family.
  22. Go Geocaching. If you don’t know what that is, you just download an app on your phone and then it will show you on a gps where to find small things people have left behind. Usually people don’t find much, it’s more about the fun in finding it. Sometimes people have found rings or money though. Good luck!
  23. Clean up the neighborhood. It feels good to do good. Get some sun and help out without having to be too close to anyone. It’s a great way to help the Earth too.
  24. Start a non-profit. Is there anything you are passionate about that helps people, animals, or the Earth? You can raise money through Go-fund-me, write grants, and gather people on Facebook who share the same passion. 
  25. Start selling products online. As restrictions have made people hesitant to operate retail stores, getting rid of enormous overhead and just using a storage unit to sell your items is a creative way to hold inventory. Facebook marketplace is a great place to start making some extra money. Find discounted storage near you.
  26. Make a book list and schedule it in your day. Some people don’t even read one book a year! Learning and growing are exciting aspects of life. Read autobiographies of highly successful or spiritual people. Learn about other cultures, or get lost in a good fantasy novel. Just keep your mind expanding.
  27. Practice something you enjoy. Is there something you can kind-of do, but you are not an expert at it? Maybe you kind-of play guitar or piano or you can kind-of paint. Expand on your skills and go from novice to expert.
  28. Join a club. If it’s not meeting in person right now, it probably is online. There are a lot of different spiritual and recreational clubs that help connect people. Search your interest for a club in your area or start one yourself!
  29. Practice being kind to yourself. This is actually an activity! And it is important. Tell yourself out loud all the things you love about yourself. If you find you are hard on yourself, encourage you immediately out loud. Give yourself a bubble bath. Make yourself your favorite food and give yourself a hug. Practice this frequently.
  30. Expand your music collection. If you are listening to the same old stuff you did when you were in high school, then that’s ok..but let’s branch out, shall we? Search online for genres you like or listen to ones you have never heard of. Try music that is created in different languages. Music has a way of connecting us to our emotions and can either depress us or lift our spirits. Find music that keeps you happy and motivated.
  31. Go hike to a hot spring. People forget about the wonderful wonders in nature. Find a hot spring that is in the woods and not located inside a facility.
  32. Walk outside every day you possibly can. No matter how bored or tired or busy you are, walking for at least 15 min (come on, just 15) can completely alter the course of your day for the better. It will get the blood pumping, give you fresh air, and help you connect with the beautiful world around you.
  33. Make someone smile. Maybe that means sending a card to someone just to tell them you love them, or writing an encouraging letter to someone who desperately needs it.
  34. Play Capture the Flag or Frisbee. Summer is the perfect time for playing some outdoor games. It’s easy to keep some distance if you are playing with friends outside too.
  35. Commit to an exercise routine. It doesn’t have to be hard. It can be stretching and mild walking, pilates, or something more intense like kickboxing, or gentle bike riding. It can be fun like dancing. Whatever your groove is, make sure you set a time for it each day or you will never do it.
  36. Bake some goods for your local fire department or church. People appreciate the little things, as it isn’t often someone goes out of their way to say “thank you.”
  37. Teach someone. Everyone has someone to offer. Perhaps you are good at makeup, or skateboarding, or cooking. Whatever it is, there is someone who doesn’t know how to do what you do. Write a list of everything you know how to do and go from there. You can teach a friend, a child, or teach a class online through Teachable.
  38. Find what is wrong with your community and help fix it. If people are complaining because everyone is rude then hold a free class on kindness. If people are running out of food, then hold a food drive. If children are struggling to learn, then create a volunteer tutor service. If single mothers don’t have childcare, then create a childcare trade group on facebook to help each other out. Be the change you want to see.
  39. Go on a scavenger hunt! Scavengerhunt.com offers scavenger hunts around town for cheap. It’s fun for the whole family without having to interact with others.
  40. Set up your own man cave or lady den. You can create a wine bar or even natural smoothie bar, get a pool table and dart board if you would like. Envision your favorite hangout space and make it happen. 
  41. Start a dropshipping business. If you haven’t jumped on the dropshipping bandwagon, there is still time. It’s cheap to get started. Shopify.com is the easiest way to get started.
  42. Get a new pet! Pets can be very rewarding to have and care for if you are looking for things to do during Covid. If you aren’t allowed a traditional pet, consider reptiles, rodents, and aquatic species.
  43. Learn to meditate/pray and make it a habit. No matter your spirituality, there are scientific benefits that come from spending time calming your mind and body and connecting with God or your energy. Many people enjoy doing this in nature, as it helps relieve the anxieties that come each day.
  44. Discover New Spots! Search Onlyinyourstate.com to find places around you that are hidden and unique and map out places you would like to go.
  45. Visit the local farmers market. Support local business during this time and enjoy local food and crafts outdoors in the fresh air.
  46. Learn about herbology and aromatherapy. Sage, for instance, has been scientifically proven to kill 94% of airborne bacteria up to 24hrs after it has been burned in a room. Learning preventative care may be helpful to you and those around you.
  47. Host a murder mystery party for immediate family/friends. Even if you are in an area where you are not allowed to gather in groups, you can make things more interesting with the people you see everyday anyway. 
  48. Rent outdoor gear. Get some ATV’s and go off-roading, or rent paddle-boards, kayaks, or some jet skis. Just because you can’t afford to have them full time doesn’t mean you can’t go out and enjoy them for the weekend.
  49. Search for outdoor venues. Check out the outdoor movie theaters that are now open as well as game farms and wineries! 
  50. Host a field day with immediate family and friends. Field days are lots of fun! You can have a water balloon fight, races, and even tag with holi powder for a colorful party.

Wow, when you think about it, there are tons of awesome things to do during Covid. Remember to stay connected with people any way you can during these times and enjoy the outdoors. Stay safe and live life!

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